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Lenny Bui-Vandeput & Kirsten Gedeshi (piano)


    20:00 - 21:30


    Spaans Paviljoen
    Ooststraat 1, Veurne, 8630

    Artiesten / Artists
    Lenny Bui-Vandeput (piano)
    Kirsten Gedeshi (piano)

    Jong Talent / Young Talent
    Ruben Ide (viool) & Jonathan Ide (piano)

    Programma / Programme

    Prélude door (by) Ruben en Jonathan Ide

    Igor Stravinsky: Suite for violin and piano after themes, fragments and pieces by Giambattista Pergolesi

    • Introductione
    • Serenata
    • Tarantella

    Erik Satie: Choses vues à droite et à gauche (sans lunettes)

    • Choral hypocrite
    • ugue à tâtons
    • Fantaisie musculaire

    Sergei Prokofiev (arr. P. Petrof): Montagues and Capulets’ (Dance of the Knights) uit/from ‘Romeo and Juliet’

    Lenny Bui-Vandeput & Kirsten Gedeshi

    Felix Mendelssohn : Andante & Allegro brillante op. 92

    Ludwig van Beethoven : Sonate nr.32 Op. 111 in c minor – Sonata no. 32 Op. 111 in C minor

    • Maestoso
    • Allegro con brio e appassionato
    • Arietta
    • Adagio molto semplice e cantabile

    Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonate voor piano duet Op. 6 in Re groot – Sonata for piano duet Op. 6 in D major

    • Allegro molto
    • Rondo
    • Moderato

    Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata nr. 31 op. 110 in Ab major

    • Moderato cantabile molto espressivo
    • Allegro molto
    • Adagio ma non troppo
    • Allegro ma non troppo

    Franz Liszt – Franz Bendel: Hungarian Rhapsody nr. 2 for piano duet

    Kaarten / Tickets

    € 5

    Reservaties / Reservations

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